You are meant to be a queen.

Your vision isn’t to be a struggling artist. It not to have your art be a side hustle forever. Nope. You’re a boss artpreneur, an art queen and you’re ready to become a recognized force in the art world.

As you watch other artists grow their art business and popularity, you think: “Wow, why couldn’t that have been me?”


Welcome, Art Queen!

Looking for an online artists group to join? Get ready to expand your business, manifest abundance, and find connections with artists who want to play by their own rules — just like you. Become a member of The Art Queens Society today.

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The Art Queens Online Membership + Community For Artists, Visionaries and Leaders 

Ready to build your Queendom?

Since launching in March 2020, we witnessed queens shattering their glass ceilings, surpassing 10k months, becoming their own bosses, crushing their sales goals, attracting brand partnerships, and building lifelong friendships beyond the calls. After observing our members for the past year, I can confidently say that this community changes lives. 


Together we transformed our lives!

I wouldn’t say that I’m the most skilled artist in the world. Yet, I found my voice and managed to grow my art business to six-figures. I’ve exhibited internationally and have been featured in multiple blogs and publications, including The Jealous Curator, Professional Artist Magazine, It's Nice That, and The Philadelphia Inquirer. And I’ve completed sought-after art residences across the world, including at the Centre Pompadour in France, Iceland, and Greece.

Others I’ve taught my systems and processes have or are building their businesses to six figures as well.

What this shows is that you don’t need to be a special talent that the world is waiting to discover. You just need to leverage your unique gifts and not be afraid to shine bright. 

I'm not special, but...

So, what do you need to make success inevitable? Not to try and go it alone!


Side effects may include increased confidence, financial breakthroughs, and a more fulfilling daily life.

Serious Side Effects


A dedicated Facebook community, where like-minded artists support and encourage each other

Here's What You get

2x structured live coaching group calls ON ZOOM per month with specially invited guest experts, leading art professionals, and artists to help you level up

What Your Membership Includes


Access to dozens of recorded sessions to support you on your journey

Resources, accountability, and support from our community to help grow your business

Since joining The Art Queens a few months ago, I have already made back my investment in art sales! I have learned SO much and have gotten the best support from the wonderful Queens. Founder Kat is the most genuine, thoughtful and engaged leader, and makes me feel at home in this amazing group of go-getter artists. 


is making moves:


Art Queens has taught me the importance of a community who rallies behind you and creates alongside you. I feel so grateful to the community of women that make up Art Queens and I am so excited to continue to grow together. 


got the support she needed:


real results

"I took the leap to be a full-time artist."

I am proud to be an Art Queen member. Since joining in Fall 2020, I have found this community and the sessions have been one of the reasons that I took the leap to be a full-time artist after many years of doing it as my side hustle. This diverse group of supportive queens have felt like a safety net through these last months. I know I am not alone in this creative journey. I adore them all and I am in constant awe of their art-making talents. 



Yes, It Really Works

"Art queens is growing library of practical knowledge."

Art Queens is a community that welcomes, supports, and nourishes the needs of all female artists. A judgment-free zone, this space is home to a growing library of practical knowledge and business solutions that expand daily. 



"The value provided per month is unreal!"

While I've only been a member for a short while, the backlog of talks & resources alone was enough to reframe my art and business. The sense of community (especially the smaller break-off groups) are now an invaluable part of my practice. the value provided per month is unreal, and i'm certain I make back the monthly fee and more with what I learn!


found her community

select the plan that works for you:


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Monthly payments of $22


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yearly payment of $222

Best Value!

You need information, career advice, and a generous community that can take you further than you can go on your own.

Of course, I know you’re a badass at what you do. But working hard in the studio every day isn’t going to help you turn your art into a full-time business that you love.

Together, you can achieve even greater results faster while having more fun in the company of other high-achieving women artists, curators, coaches, and artpreneurs.

It takes a network, marketing, and support. 

You're in the right place.

Part of the power of the queen is that she does not diminish herself with busyness. Queens are not busy. They are insightful, intuitive and they know that there is a power that is in them not of them that they can absolutely harness.”

— Gina DeVee

It's been a year now, since I joined the Art Queens and it has been a life-changing experience. It was my first year as a full time artist and I initially joined to learn how to market my art, but I have gained so much more. In addition to the true friendships from likeminded women who believe that we rise by lifting others, I have grown from a newbie artist to a real Queen.

" I have grown from a newbie artist to a real Queen."



— Jovanitha 

Other professions have community. But artists often work in isolation for most of the year and it can be so lonely at times. I have found my community in the Art Queens! It has been so inspiring to have a place to ask questions and share wins! I feel like I am constantly learning and growing in this group! 

— Alexa

"I feel like I am constantly learning and growing!"



I'm Kat. I designed this membership for queens like you. 

This journey can be lonely, confusing and overwhelming. I did not get to where I am alone, and neither should you. Get the support you need from fellow queens. 

more about me

hey there!

The Art Queens Society

The on-demand membership and mini-mastermind for ambitious artists, artpreneurs, and art coaches looking to become self-employed, grow their art businesses, and have a strong support system.

I've taken everything I've learned from over a decade of building my art career and creative business and turned it into a comprehensive coaching and mastermind program. I also invite leading artists, healers, coaches, and curators to guide our sessions.

The place to be.

WATCH at your own pace



Follow a proven roadmap

You are ready to grow and learn powerful art business strategies to take your art career to the next level

You have MASSIVE goals and ambitions but don't have a like-minded community to offer you support and accountability.

Attracting your dream clients and working on projects that light you up.

You are ready to step into the best version of yourself as an artist.

You are ready to start attracting your dream income and opportunities.

This art community membership is for you if:

Cancel Anytime

You can cancel at any time. Not seeing your biz improve after you’ve applied all you’ve learned? Simply click and cancel. 



Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership anytime and are always welcome to come back when you are ready to join us again. We understand that life has different seasons. Contact for additional support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make it to a live call?

All trainings will be recorded and uploaded a few days following the class. We understand that not all of our global members can attend the live sessions, but we do our best rotate the call times to accommodate as many members as possible. You are always welcome to watch recordings if you can't make it to the live event on Zoom.

What happens after I join?

Once you join, you will receive email communication from us regarding meeting times and Zoom links, new resources, and downloads. You will get access to our exclusive Facebook group and have an opportunity to join the Create! Magazine Directory for Art Queens. 

Is this right for all career levels?

Yes, our sessions include topics that can be adapted to any career level. We are confident you will benefit from our coaching sessions no matter what stage you are at. 

How do I access the recordings?

You can go to and click "society," then “log in.” Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to the member area. 

Can I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of the membership, there are no refunds once you have enrolled. You can cancel anytime.

If you purchase this membership by mistake, please email for assistance.

Can you guarantee results?

While we can't guarantee specific results, hundreds of art queens have benefited from this membership and will vouch that is a positive experience.